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Welcome to NCN@Illinois
Welcome to NCN@Illinois

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The Network for Computational Nanotechnology at the University of Illinois is part of the larger Network for Computational Nanotechnology based at Purdue University. The project as a whole has a mission to connect theory, experiment, and computation in a way that makes a difference to the future of nanotechnology. While addressing challenges in nanotechnology NCN researchers produce new algorithms, approaches, and software tools with capabilities not yet available commercially. As part of the NSF's infrastructure for the National Nanotechnology Initiative, the NCN engages the community through workshops and seminars and novel educational resources.

Our specific goal at Illinois is to apply the above to the excellent people and resources at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Recurring Events
IOptics Weekly Seminar Series
Mondays, 12-1pm
Beckman 2269

Bioengineering Weekly Seminars
Thursdays, 12-1pm
DCL, Room 2240

Beckman Nanohour Seminars
Every other Wednesday, 3pm
Beckman, Room 3269

Nano-EP Seminar
Every other Monday, 12pm
MNTL, Room 1000

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